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2008-2009 NSF Scholarships

70 students across the 3 participating campuses of the San Diego MESA Alliance (San Diego State University MESA Engineering Program, San Diego City College MESA program, and Southwestern Community College MESA program) were given a $500 scholarship for participation in SPSD activities.

5 students at SDSU were given scholarships less than $500 as appropriated by their unmet need determined by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.

$35,590 in NSF scholarships distributed directly to students significantly decreased financial burden on students and their families.

=== From San Diego City College 2008-2009 ===

Carolina Aboumrad, biochemistry
William Armstrong, electrical engineering
Emily Botts, biology
Angelica Cardenas, biology/premed
Chris Carter, computer engineering
Johnnie DeJesus, electrical engineering
Raymond Evans, computer science
Jorge Gomez, electrical engineering
Jose Gradilla, civil engineering
Feisal Ismael, chemistry
George LaPole, biology
Jordan Lin, bioengineering
Joseph Macias, mechanical engineering
Misty Nicol, geology
Wilson Pulido, physics
Janai Russell, nursing
Teresa Sandoval, engineering
Angelica Sarmiento, electrical engineering
Melanie Stuart, biology
Kiedra Taylor, aerospace engineering

=== From San Diego State University 2008-2009 ===

Wahid Baha, electrical engineering
Marquis Blount, computer engineering
Vanessa Capetillo, computer engineering
Daniel Chavarin, computer engineering
Javier Cordova, mechanical engineering
David Diaz, computer engineering
Nick Disher, electrical engineering
Alex Drum, aerospace engineering
Jose Espinosa Jr, computer engineering
David Garcia, mechanical engineering
Roberto Gomez, mechanical engineering
Aleksandr Gostomelskiy, civil engineering
Jordan Halgunseth, electrical engineering
Nermin Hamawandi, mathematics
Michelle Jordan, bio engineering
Karina Kangas, chemistry
Jason Lash, electrical engineering
Levi Lentz, mechanical engineering
Sheldon Miles, mechanical engineering
Marco Munoz, mechanical engineering
Jose Navarro, aerospace engineering
Christina Newell, chemistry
Arielle Nuspl, electrical engineering
Ariana Perez, chemistry
Jeri Perez, aerospace engineering
Leonora Pizarro, civil engineering
Jasmine Rodriguez-Wagner, electrical engineering
Ethel Santos, mechanical engineering
Aaron Sebastian, electrical engineering
Bryan Shibley, aerospace engineering
Christopher Stone, aerospace engineering
Jorge Tercero, mechanical engineering
Adrian Torres, civil engineering
Joe Torres Jr, chemistry
Brigham Toskin, computer science
Brian Ware, construction engineering
Mitiku Woldeyes, electrical engineering

=== From Southwestern College 2008-2009 ===

Marianna Abaunza, Environmental Chemistry
Steven Almos, Molecular Biology
Gustavo Barrios, Civil Engineering
Frank Bogart, Mathematics
Natalia Cardona, Bioengineering
Hersy Enriquez, Civil Engineering
Hector Guerrero, Mathematics
Ryan Hagar, Kinesiology
Shontelle Johnson, Bioengineering
Jennifer Keliher, Biology
Carlos Lameda-Diaz, Biology
Ana-Patricia Lopez, Environmental Engineering
Mariela Medina Castellanos, Civil Engineering
Phillip Patague, Architectural Engineering
Spencer Penaloza, Computer Science
Eric Rodriguez, Engineering
Kristine Schroeder, Computer Science
David Vivas, Engineering

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