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Community College to UCSD Opportunity

CC2U Transfer Forum

on Wednesday 9 April

3:30 to 5:30 pm

at San Diego City College room D-121A

Faculty and staff from UCSD, San Diego City College, Mesa College, Southwestern College, and Grossmont College have come together to create a transfer forum for San Diego Community College students that focuses on the actual needs of actual transfer students.

The event will include brief overviews presented by program coordinators and by recently transferred students at UCSD (including City College’s own alumna Gaby Baylon!) on the opportunities available to transfer students at UCSD. It will also include a time for more intimate discussions with UCSD faculty, students, and staff. Oh yes, and refreshments.

City College MESA has taken an active role in planning this event, and the upcoming event at Miramar College on 7 May, and I hope that many many of you will be able to attend, ESPECIALLY if you happen to be at City College on Wednesdays anyway, or if you have ever entertained the thought of transferring to UCSD.

Students and faculty and staff may register in advance at Pre-registration is not required, but will help with the food count.

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