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Gandhi, King, Ikeda Peace Exhibit

Gandhi, King, Ikeda Peace Exhibit that will be held at the SDSU Library from Feb. 5-25. You are invited to the opening ceremony along with any interested students, to hear Dr. Lawrence Carter from Morehouse College, as the keynote speaker for this event. This ceremony will take place on February 5th.

After a year or more of hard work, we have been able to secure this exhibit that travels the world, depicting the lives of three men who have worked diligently for world peace and human rights. The SGI World Peace Club on campus was instrumental in bringing the exhibit to the campus and the GKI Foundation is paying nearly all the expenses (~$15,000) for the exhibit and to bring Dr. Carter to campus. Our thanks also go to the campus library, particularly Mark Stover and Maureen Dotson for providing space for this large exhibit.

Dr. Lawrence will bestow a peace prize to a member of the SDSU faculty, Professor M.C. Madhavan, who was nominated by Dr. Dipak Gupta.

Please share this flier with any faculty, staff and students. I also urge faculty to make the exhibit part of their curriculum as appropriate, or as an extra credit assignment.

For information about the exhibit, visit
For information about Dr. Lawrence Carter, visit

Flyer for the event can be viewed by clicking here.

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