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NAVAIR Opening for EE and CompE Graduating Students

This message is for graduating (or graduated) EE and CompE majors that are US Citizens. This includes a fall 2009 or spring 2010 graduation date.

There are a couple job openings at NAVAIR for EE and CompE majors only. This is a 2 year position that begins within an “Intern Program”. It is not an internship, but a full time position. It is like a training position. The employee would work on aircraft and rotate duties to gain a greater depth of NAVAIR.

If you are interested, a hiring manager will be on campus this Friday to judge the Senior Design Research Projects. If you are interested, I could like to set up a meet and greet with the manager(s) where you can find out more about the opening(s) around 11am on December 11. If you cannot make this time, then you may catch the managers at the Senior Design Competition.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like me to set up an informal meet and greet. Treat this opportunity as an informal job interview in that you may get asked a couple questions. Dress business casual and bring a resume. You do not need to wear a full suit, as it is not an interview. Make sure you do research on NAVAIR so that you are prepared to ask intelligent questions about their products and the work they do.

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