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SDSU Commercial

San Diego State University wants YOU!….to be in their next commercial.

SDSU has hired a production company to film a new commercial that will air on national TV, including ESPN! The theme of the commercial is “Aztec for Life” and the storyline centers around the Aztec Warrior growing up and growing old as an Aztec!

There will be a few different scenes where the Aztec Warrior is filmed showing his Aztec Pride at different moments of his life. We’ll see the Aztec Warrior playing as a child, at his prom, mowing his yard, etc.

One of the best scenes of the commercial will take place inside Viejas arena. This is when we need all of you! The Aztec Warrior will be interacting with the crowd and we will all be screaming and cheering, creating the type of game time atmosphere that has made Viejas Arena a place where opposing teams hate to play.

Our scene will take place during a mock basketball game so we need everyone decked out in Aztec gear! We’ll have the heads with us to pass out to try and distract the opposing team. We need to come loud and proud and really show what our student section is made of.

Please report to the parking lot BEHIND Viejas Arena on the morning of January 19, 2010 at 7:15am SHARP. To get to this parking lot you can either park in Parking Structure 4; go to the ground floor and cross the street. Or you can walk down the Greek Stairway which is located east of the ARC. This is the parking lot where concert busses and trailers park during events held at Viejas Arena and where graduating seniors line-up before Commencement.

The marketing department will be providing Starbucks coffee, pastries, and bagels to help raise your energy level. When you arrive you will sign a permission form allowing you to participate in this event and will then enter Viejas Arena. We will finish shooting by 11:00am at the latest.

This will be a great event that will serve to excite our neighboring community, gain interest from perspective students across the United States, and demonstrate the home court advantage that SDSU is famous for!

A couple of things to keep in mind:
1. Please be on time. We only have a few hours to get everything filmed so we need everyone on time and ready to go when you arrive!
2. Please dress in your normal Aztec Basketball attire. So if you normally dress as a gecko, be a gecko. If you normally come to games dressed as Santa, then come dressed like Santa. If you always wear a red sparkling converse shoe on your left foot and a black sparkling converse shoe on your right footÅ .well you get the idea.
3. Tell your friends to come! The more people we have, the better this commercial will be. So tell your roommate, tell your girlfriend, tell your study partner, tell anyone and everyone! Just make sure that they come ready to be loud and crazy and are wearing Red and Black!
4. Get a good night’s sleep. Because Tuesday morning at 7:15am, we’ll be bring the noise!

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