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Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholar Program Award

Please note the request for applications for the 2011 Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholar Program Award. This program can provide $3K for an undergraduate student doing a research project in any biotechnology related discipline. The proposal is relatively simple, and the award provides support for a promising research student, a nice addition to a student’s CV, and a benefit to the sponsoring laboratory.

The general topic of the award is research related to women’s health, but the range of research supported is very broad (for example, a previous Howell award supported undergraduate research on mRNA turnover in eukaryotes — a process that might play a role in certain types of arthritis, and since arthritis is a problem for women’s health the basic research on molecular biology of mRNA turnover was supported).

A copy of the request for applications is attached. PLEASE encourage your promising undergraduate research students to apply. As a rule, more successful senior students with some research experience are most competitive. The Howell Foundation would love to see more applicants from SDSU.


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