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Educational Policy Institute’s 2011 Student Success Video Contest

The Educational Policy Institute is looking for creative high school or postsecondary students to develop short videos for use at our Retention 2011 Conference in San Diego, CA, and to post on our two websites, and

The videos should focus on the following:

1. What it takes to succeed in high school and college

2. Strategies for high school and college access and success

3. Barriers to preparing, accessing, or succeeding in college

The audience for the videos includes students, parents, educators, and policymakers. They should be creative in use of filming and editing, and also provide useful, interesting information from the perspective of students, faculty members, and others.

There are two categories of videos:

(a) 60- or 120-second shorts;

(b) five-minute videos.

EPI will provide cash awards of $125 for shorts and $250 for five-minute videos. Twenty-five dollar gift cards will be awarded for honorary mentions.

Contest Rules

* Students must be full-time in an accredited high school or postsecondary institution;

* Videos must be delivered on DVD or made available in a downloadable format;

* EPI will determine the winners by the quality of their work and the utility of the videos for conference and web needs;

* Contestants may submit up to two videos in either category;

* The EPI and logos and URLs must be utilized in a start and end screen of the video. Logos and further instructions will be emailed to participants upon receipt of application;

* The videos should assume a national and/or international audience;

* Videos must be in English.

Contest Due Date: April 30, 2011

To participate in this contest, contestants must send an email to with the following information:

* Name
* School
* Program (if applicable)
* Street Address
* City
* State/Province
* Zip/Postal Code
* Phone
* Email

Good luck / Bonne chance!

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