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2009-2010 NSF Scholarships

70 students across the 3 participating campuses of the San Diego MESA Alliance (San Diego State University MESA Engineering Program, San Diego City College MESA program, and Southwestern Community College MESA program) were given a $500 stipend for participation in SPSD activities.

5 students at SDSU were given scholarships less than $500 as appropriated by their unmet need determined by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.

$35,590 in NSF stipends distributed directly to students significantly decreased financial burden on students and their families.

=== From Southwestern College 2009-2010 ===

Steven Almos Biology

Ana Ascencio Mathematics

Zeke Belle Engineering

Hector Guerrero Mathematics

Michael Kline Biology

Lihua Huang Mathematics

Genaro Hernandez Biology

Chathura Herath Mudiyanselage Engineering Physics

Ryan Hagar Biology/Kinesiology

Claudia Ramirez-Sanchez Biology

Alfredo Perez Biology

Myrna Martinez Biology

Cynthia Marquez Computer Engineering

Chandorang Lam Biology/Nursing

Carlos Lameda Diaz Biology

Ana-Patricia Lopez Environmental Engineering

Frank Sanchez Mechanical Engineering

David Vivas Engineering

===From San Diego City College 2009-2010===

Andre Pate Engineering

Andrew Gilstrap Mechanical Engineering

Bretzner Gonzalez Engineering

Edward ‘Ted’ Spencer Electrical Engineering

Elphbert Laforteza Aerospace Engineering

German Verduzco Biology

Hugo Aguilar- Rivera Biology

Jacqueline Lagunas Acosta Biochemistry

L. Alex Frem Computer Engineering

Lynn Siripanyo Chemistry

Maria Lemus Bio-engineering

Marissa Gonzales Biology

Nick Troast Computer Engineering

Selena Juarez-Alvarado Biology/Nursing

Theresa Sandoval Mathematics

Alberto Vasquez Biology

Dana Long Architectural Engineering

Frank Yepiz Physics

Mario Deleon Biology

Mary Faith Silva Electrical Engineering

===From San Diego State University 2009-2010===

Cody Alcantar Aerospace Engineering

Wahid Baha Electrical Engineering

Agustin Barajas Civil Engineering

Tiffini Buchanan Electrical Engineering

Arrone-Xavier Bueno Aerospace Engineering

Johnnie De Jesus Electrical Engineering

Victor Delgado Civil Engineering

Gabriel Duran Electrical Engineering

Jose Espinosa, Jr. Computer Engineering

Abraham Gallardo Computer Engineering

David Garcia Mechanical Engineering

Chantal Gonzalez Astronomy

Nermin Hamawandi Mathematics

Jade Handy Mechanical Engineering

Loay Hanthel Civil Engineering

Preston Itie Geology

Karina Kangas Chemistry

Ikaika Kekua-Luis Electrical Engineering

Luis Martinez Mechanical Engineering

Emil Mayor Mechanical Engineering

Melissa Molina Aerospace Engineering

Christina Newell Chemistry

Arielle Nuspl Electrical Engineering

Angelo Pallotto, III Civil Engineering

Phillip Patague Civil Engineering

Ariana Perez Chemistry

Jeri Perez Aerospace Engineering

Leonora Pizarro Civil Engineering

Thanh Quach Mathematics

Ismael Reveles Aerospace Engineering

Erick Saenz Aerospace Engineering

Matt San Pedro Aerospace Engineering

Kristine Schroeder Computer Science

Josiah Schultz Civil Engineering

Steve Schulz Electrical Engineering

Kamaldeep Singh Aerospace Engineering

Brigham Toskin Computer Science

Evita Valdivieso Civil Engineering

Mitiku Woldeyes Electrical Engineering

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