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2010-2011 NSF Scholarships

78 students across the 3 participating campuses of the San Diego MESA Alliance (San Diego State University MESA Engineering Program, San Diego City College MESA program, and Southwestern Community College MESA program) were given a $500 stipend for participation in SPSD activities.

$39,000 in NSF stipends were distributed directly to students significantly decreased financial burden on students and their families.

Students who received or are in the process of receiving stipend support for the 2010-2011 academic year include:

=== From Southwestern College 2010-2011 ===

Steve Almos Biotechnology

Ana Ascencio Mathematics

Alex Chavez Biology

Abraham Diaz Structural Engineering

Alan Remington Gonzalez Biology

Stephanie Hernandez Computer Engineering

Jireh Imperial Biology

Ana Patricia Lopez Environmental Engineering

Jorge Ordonez Electrical Engineering

Estefania Ricalde Biology

Alicia Rivero Pre-Med

Alexandro Robles Construction Engineering

Frank Sanchez Mechanical Engineering

Ruth Sosa Mechanical Engineering

Yuri Svorovski Biology

Melody Sycks Bio-Chemical Engineering

Ninosthka Vazquez Biology

Imran Yasin Chemistry

===From San Diego City College 2010-2011===

Aguilar-Rivera Hugo Biology

Ahmann Randall Civil Engineering

Alfaro Ysidro Bioengineering

Armstrong William Electrical Engineering

Bartolotta Elesha Biology

Frem Leonardo ‘Alex’ Electrical Engineering

Gilstrap Andrew Mechanical Engineering

Gonzalez Marissa Nursing

Lagunas Acosta Jacqueline Biochemistry

Lara Jessenia Engineering

Lemus Maria Bioengineering

Long Dana Architectural Engineering

Camanho Tylson Environmental Engineering

Pourazary Ashley Nanoengineering

Ridgell LaTiana Nursing

Riveros Diana Computer Engineering/Math

Rojas-Colin Angelica Civil Engineering

Troast Nicholas Computer Engineering

Vasquez Alberto Biology

Yusuf Fatuma Chemistry

===From San Diego State University 2010-2011===

ACEVEDA DIANE Environmental Engineering

AMPARO CAESAR Mechanical Engineering

AQUINO KELVIN Mechanical Engineering

BOEHM WHITNEY Chemistry/Biology

BRISENO NOEL Civil Engineering

CANDIDO FRANCISCO Aerospace Engineering

CARTER CRISTOPHER Electrical Engineering

CASTRO ALEJANDRO Electrical Engineering

CORONA SANTOS Civil Engineering


ESCALANTE EMILY Mechanical Engineering


FIMBRES-LOPEZ JOSEPH Computer Engineering

FORTIN ELIZABETH Mechanical Engineering

GAGUI MARC Electrical Engineering

GRAY EMILY Mechanical Engineering

HALILI RONALD Computer Engineering

HANDY JADE Mechanical Engineering

HUBER RACHELLE Environmental Engineering

JIMENEZ CARLOS Electrical Engineering

KEKUA-LUIS IKAIKA Electrical Engineering

MARTINEZ LUIS Mechanical Engineering

MICHEL CAESAR Civil Engineering

MORRONE GEMSIN Civil Engineering

NAVARRO II CARLOS Civil Engineering

NGUYEN HOANG Chemistry/Biology

NOOE JOSHUA Civil Engineering

OCBAMICAEL SEMIR Mechanical Engineering

ORTIZ JASTINE Aerospace Engineering

PATAGUE PHILLIP Civil Engineering

PEREZ ISMAEL Mathematics

PHAN DAVID Civil Engineering

QUINONEZ JOSUE Aerospace Engineering

RIMANDO MANUEL Aerospace Engineering

SAENZ ERICK Aerospace Engineering

SCHIEDERMAYER JASON Electrical Engineering

SINGH KAMALDEEP Aerospace Engineering

SORIA JAVIER Aerospace Engineering

TORRES CRUZ Civil Engineering


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