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EBMUD Geotechnical Engineering Internship

EBMUD has an Engineering Aide (Geotechnical Engineering) internship opening now.
Go to and click on the “Jobs” link. Click Job Opportunities and scroll down to click on the “Engineering Aide” link to review the internship description and apply.
Here are some tips for applying:

Submitting your Application
If you see a job announcement of interest, click on the specific job link, click on the Apply link, create an account if you don’t have an account, or enter your User Name and Password, if you have an existing account. Follow the instructions from there and complete your application. You must apply directly through and not through (where you register).
Submit your complete application by the time and date specified on the announcement. Only application materials submitted online during the filing period will be accepted. Application materials faxed, mailed or delivered to EBMUD will not be accepted unless otherwise noted.
Useful Tips
• Applicants should not wait until the last minute to apply. The EBMUD website will cut off applications for each job exactly on the day and time specified.
• Applicants must first complete and save a user profile and application template before they can submit an application for a specific job/exam. Use your template application to apply for different EBMUD exams/jobs but make sure you edit the work experience section to address the specific job requirements for each job/exam.
• Typing and saving your application information in WORD first, ensures you will have a copy of your information that you can cut and paste into the online template application. If you create different versions of your work experience information, make sure you save this information in a separate WORD document.
• Print out the Job Description for the exam/job that you wish to apply for. This will make it easier to refer to this information as you complete your template application. Make sure you show work history that indicates you have the skills and knowledge detailed in the job description. Your application will be saved in the EBMUD online application system only if you click “SAVE” each time you complete a section of the application. You can tailor the work experience & other sections to each job/exam that you apply for – but be sure to click “SAVE” each time you make changes!!
• Most of the applications have supplemental questions as part of completing the employment application. Print out the Supplemental Questions so you can refer to this information as you complete your application. Draft & save your answers to the Supplemental Questions in a WORD document first. Then you can cut & paste your answers into the on-line application.

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