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SDSU Open Sections, PreMARC Seminars

Did you miss out on the Fall 2011 Learning Communities Focused on Preparing Students for Graduate School?

Here is your chance to take full advantage of this learning opportunity to help YOU prepare for undergraduate research and graduate school!

Students will learn or be exposed to the following Spring 2012:

– Faculty guest speakers about different research on campus

– How to approach faculty to get involved in research opportunities on campus

– How to apply to summer research programs and/or scholarships

– Meet SDSU Alumni panelists – learn what SDSU alumni are currently studying in graduate programs (Master, or PhD)

– Help with identifying the right graduate program for you (Masters or Ph.D)

Students who register for the following CR/NC learning community sections, will be able to do the following by the end of Spring 2012:

1) Articulate different areas of research emphasis in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) or Behavioral Sciences disciplines

2) Identify a minimum of 3 laboratories on campus to work in

3) List 3 summer research programs that fit their area of interest

4) Articulate the requirements necessary to be considered for a graduate degree in their field

5) Identify 3-5 graduate programs (Masters or Ph.D) that match their area of interest

6) Seek out research opportunities on and off campus and how to connect with faculty/staff

7) Become familiar with the General Record Examination and how to best prepare for this standardized test


Check out GRE preparation books for free

Primary access to Spring 2012 quantitative and verbal skills workshop series (free of charge)

Science and math tutoring for Spring 2012

Connect with junior/senior SDSU students engaged in undergraduate research and on track for graduate school

Resume/Curriculum Vitae Development

Cover Letter and Personal
Statement Assistance with Free

Writing Tutor

Free writing tutor to assist with course essays, etc.

Register for the Spring 2012 – PreMARC Learning Communities in STEM fields or the Behavioral Science!

Schedule # Day/Time/Discipline

Mon., 2pm, Physical Sciences

Mon., 3pm, Engineering

Wed., 2pm, Psychology

Wed., 3pm, Biology

If you have questions or need an add code, please call Thelma Chavez at 594-7195 or

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