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Summer Immunology and Virology Undergraduate Fellowship 2012

The Scripps Research Institute is hiring summer fellows in the Department of Immunology and Microbial Science!

Scripps Clinic’s research program began in the fledgling field of immunopathology in the early 1960s. The small group of investigators who came to the Institute at that time were primarily interested in the underlying biology of autoimmune diseases and immunologic diseases. Their initial studies were highly successful and developed a conceptual framework to explain how normal, but inappropriate, immune reactions can give rise to both local and inflammatory diseases. The research program in immunology expanded rapidly and soon included basic investigations of both the innate and acquired immune systems, cancer immunology, immunology of infectious diseases and intracellular signaling mechanisms used by cells of the immune system.

Summer Immunology and Virology Undergraduate Fellowship – 2012

If you are in the MESA program either at San Diego City College, San Diego State University, or Southwestern College – please alert or 619-594-2680 or see me at SDSU Engineering E208 or E210, if you’ve applied or accepted this position. Thank you.

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