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Explorations in Statistics Research: An Undergraduate Summer Program

Explorations in Statistics Research:
An Undergraduate Summer Program
June 16-24, 2012
University of California, Berkeley
Applications due: March 14, 2012
Applications and reference forms
available at:

The Explorations in Statistics Research
workshop is designed to introduce
undergraduates to the exciting work being
done in statistics – the science of data.
Over the seven-day program, we will
explore scientific questions using
statistical approaches ranging from simple
summaries to more sophisticated
modeling approaches. We will use the
computer to explore relevant data to
better understand and discover the
underlying scientific features. The topics
may include:
• Health statistics
• Earth and space science
• Text and document analysis
Through computer labs that draw on each
day’s application, students will receive a
basic introduction to statistical computing,
providing them with the skills to perform
fundamental data manipulations, conduct
exploratory analyses and create
informative visualizations.
Contact: for
more information about the program.

The 2012 NSF-sponsored Explorations in Science Research Workshop at Berkeley will take place June 16-24.  The focus will be on big data and statistics.

Please encourage your rising juniors and seniors to apply to this exciting 1-week program that introduces students to applied statistics research.

Travel, room and board is provided.  Participants must be permanent residents or US citizens.

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