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Southern California Undergraduate Math Day

Thank you for your interest in the Southern California Undergraduate Math Day, brought to you by UCSD’s AWM Chapter Undergraduate Math Conference. Here are the basics:

Who: Southern California Math Majors or Prospective Math Majors

What: A day to learn about what math majors do, hear talks from graduate students about what math research is all about, present your research if you’ve done any and hear talks from other undergraduates and invited speakers.

Where: University of California, San Diego – Applied Physics and Mathematics Building Room 7421

When: Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 10am-4:15pm.

Why: To provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn what math research is, what some open questions in math are, present research they’ve done, hear about other research and network with local students.

For more information, please browse through our site. If you have any questions, email Katie Walsh at

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