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Leading Ideas: Culture Drives Success | Fast Company

Culture is your organization’s DNA – the blueprint for everything you do. To be better at innovating – your culture must expect and foster innovation. To improve customer satisfaction – your culture must expect and foster great service. Great leaders realize this. They know that “culture” isn’t a single item on a task list. And it can’t be delegated to a committee. It’s all encompassing. It’s the real work – and legacy – of leaders.

It also contained this powerful quote:

“I came to see in my time at IBM that ‘culture’ isn’t just one aspect of the game – it is the game.” — Lou Gerstner (1942- ) Former IBM CEO, credited with its turnaround

The San Diego MESA Alliance is fully convinced that “culture” – a learning culture of success, with a language of success, is the approach for facilitating true excellence in STEM.  I experience this every day with the success of our MESA students.  Moreover, “culture” must be the message that is communicated early and often – both verbally and in writing.  This immediately sets expectations.

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