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TutorMe – Virtual Whiteboard Mobile App

I would like to share the success story of one of SF State’s MESA Alumni Mr. Emerson Malca. He has  founder and CEO of Luma Education Company. Emerson has developed a software called TutorME.

TutorMe is a virtual whiteboard mobile application that intends to replicate and enhance the experience of a tutoring session for people whom are unable to physically meet. Anybody who has access to a laptop with a trackpad and a modern web browser, or an iPad, can use it, with plans for enhancing compatibility with other tablets later. It is planned to be offered for free for students, with additional options for private tutors (including a payment platform) and other institutions. We are currently under development and looking for beta testers.

Luma Education is an Educational Technology company based on Daly City, California, owned and operated by a MESA alumni and recently graduated college students, whose only mission is to use the current technological revolution to empower an educational revolution.

For more information on the software and company please visit the below web site. (the software) (the company)

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