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CCE (Center for Chemical Evolution) Undergraduate Summer Research Program

CCE (Center for Chemical Evolution) Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Develop a research question around the study of chemical evolution and the chemistry associated with the origins of life.
Conduct exciting hands-on scientific research. Present your research results as a paper, presentation, poster, and/or publication.

Who Should Apply?
Undergraduates with an interest in chemistry
Students from underrepresented minority groups and women are strongly encouraged to apply
US Citizenship or permanent residency is required

Benefits & Details
Receive mentoring from a number of top faculty within the CCE and network with peers and graduate students
Get prepared for graduate school
Students will be placed in one of several CCE labs across the country, depending on preferences and availability
Students will receive a minimum stipend of $3500 and housing for 10 weeks of participation
Summer program participation dates depend on advisor choice

Application deadline: February 1, 2013. Apply at

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