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Engineering & Science Dream Exploration Program (ESDE)

Goals & Objectives

v Mentor & Guide: To challenge traditional stereotypes of engineers and scientists and motivate diverse middle and high school students to expand and explore their dreams and full potential within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career fields.


v Inspire  & Engage: To provide students the opportunity to meet and interact with engineers and scientists and learn more about the different fields of engineering, their roles within society, and the rewarding aspect of having fun while doing an important job.


v Facilitate Experience: To create a positive, life changing experience where students meet and interact with diverse engineers and engineering students. This experience will include face to face interactions, tours of engineering facilities, college campuses and engineering laboratories, as well as shadowing engineers.

                                      Program Description

The Engineering & Science Dream Exploration program’s goals and objectives will be achieved by completing the following three major activities.

  1. 1.      Engineering & Science Dream Exploration “Wow” Expo
    1. a.      When: TBD 2013
    2. b.      Where: Sweetwater Union High School auditorium
    3. c.       Duration: 2 Hours

i.      Opening Remarks and explanation of the program to approximately 200 students and one or both of their parents

ii.       Ten Engineers/Scientists will provide a 2 minute introduction (each to describe: where they are from, what school they attended, why they chose engineering, what type of engineer/scientist they are, what they do at their job and what they enjoy most.

iii.      Two energetic & highly motivating engineers/scientists will showcase (30 minutes each) their career field, products they produce, and why they love their job. Presentation can be Power Point type, a demonstration or a personal testimony of their educational and career journey.

iv.      Q&A session

v.      Lunch and Wrap up

  1. Sweetwater High School District will provide lunches. STEM professional can stay and continue to answer questions from students and parents. This event will be held in a performing arts theatre and will be equipped with music and lights and potentially other special effects. The goal is to amaze the students about the numerous opportunities in engineering and help them visualize their dream career.
  1. 2.      “Engineer for the Day” Exploration & Tour”
    1. a.      When:  TBD
    2. b.      Where: TBD
    3. c.       Duration: 6 hours

i.      Tour Navy command in Coronado (NAVAIR North Island), or

ii.      Tour other participating Companies

These tours will enable students to see what engineers do, the products they develop and gain insight into the life of an engineer or scientist. They will also get to shadow and engineer for 1 to 2 hours.        



  1. 3.       “ESDE Achievement Ceremony
    1. a.      When: TBD
    2. b.      Where: TBD
    3. c.       Duration: 3 Hours

i.      Opening “Keep the Momentum” motivational presentation by an engineer/scientist

ii.      College and Financial Aid Guidance & Information present by school counselor

iii.      Next Steps-High school and college resources and organizations

iv.      Banquet


An engineer/scientist will open up the celebration with a 15 minute presentation geared towards keeping the momentum/motivation of ESDE students and their parents. The goal is to help 7th through 12th grade students set educational goals and establish responsible living choices that will pave the way for students  to reach their goals.  A banquet will be provided by the Sweetwater High School District for students, parents, engineers and scientists, teachers, school officials, and volunteers.  This final event reaffirms the educational goals of the students before their parents and mentors as they complete the Engineering & Science Dream Exploration Program.


Participants Needed:

In order for the ESDE pilot program to successfully launch in 2013,  we are seeking the commitment of STEM professionals and engineering students that can assist in any or all of the three events planned above.  In particular, we are looking for 2 engineers that can provide a 30 minute exciting show and tell presentation on Day 1 and amaze the students with a high energy experience of the wonders of engineering. For Day 1, we also need as many Engineers & Scientists available that can participate in the two minute/engineer intro session.  We are hoping to get 10 or so engineers that can represent as many engineering fields as possible: Electronic/Electrical, Mechanical, Material, Aerospace, Computer/Software, Industrial, Civil, Chemical, Bio-medical, Environmental, etc.  (the more, the better)

 Also, if your company or organization can assist with a student tour/ shadow day, please let me know. We would like to have at least three options for the students to see engineers in action. For more information, please contact: Claudia Garcia at 619-545-5579,

Engineering Science Dream Exploration Program Flyer rev 2 (3)

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