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Make Money Now : Going Green

Event Date: Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012 8am – 3pm
Location: 4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117
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Course Description:

Learn proven best practices for making money and a difference from Bill Roth, nationally recognized economist, cleantech business entrepreneur and the Founder of Earth 2017. In this Green Builds Business program, Roth will profile best practices being used by pioneering business owners/leaders that are successfully winning new customers, growing product revenues and cutting costs. Many of these best practices are proven to make money and a difference within 90 days of implementation. The program begins with Roth’s pioneering economic and market analysis on the 21st Century Sustainable Economy that in 2011 achieved a milestone $1 trillion in annual global revenues. Then Roth will profile companies just like your that are using sustainable best practices in pricing, marketing, operations and HR to deliver bottom line results. Join the hundreds of business owners/leaders who have designed their project for making money and a difference from attending a Bill Roth coaching program on best practices that are smarter, healthier, greener and profitable.

Seminar Highlights:

Module 1 – Your Opportunity: The $10 Trillion Green Economic Revolution

Module 2 – How to Win Contracts in the Multi-Billion Dollar Green Supply Chain

Module 3 – Save Money (Now!) Using Proven Green Best Practices

Module 4 – Green Team Best Practices

About the Speaker:

Bill Roth is a nationally recognized business coach, cleantech entrepreneur and economist having served as the Green Business Coach for Roth lead the team that launched the first hydrogen fueled Prius.

Roth is the Founder of Earth 2017, a company that has coached hundreds of businesses in their development of projects designed to make money and a difference using proven sustainable best practices. The name Earth 2017 refers to Roth’s pioneering economic analysis forecasting that as early as 2017, the sale of more sustainable goods and services will achieve #10 trillion of annual global revenues.

The Secret Green Sauce is Roth’s latest book that profiles case studies of business best practices for making money going green.

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