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QEM/NSF Summer Science Internship Program

This is an alert regarding the QEM/NSF Science Policy-focused Summer Internship Program. Attached you will find an application packet we would like you to share with your graduate and undergraduate students from groups underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), particularly those interested in pursuing careers in science policy or science education. Also, you will find attached a flyer describing this summer internship opportunity. We ask that you download and post the flyer on your departmental bulletin board to further ensure that students are aware of these opportunities.

The ten-week, Washington, DC-based internship (May 28 –August 2, 2013) is made possible through a grant to the Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Students who successfully complete the internship will receive a taxable stipend, $3,000 for undergraduates and $4,000 for graduate students, paid in three installments over the course of the summer. The students also will receive housing at George Washington University with other QEM interns as well as round-trip airfare and ground travel reimbursement.

During the internship, students will have an opportunity to: (1) increase their understanding of how science policy is made; (2) further develop their potential for becoming leaders and proponents of increased participation in science and engineering by students from underrepresented minority groups; (3) become knowledgeable about potential/actual barriers preventing minority students from receiving a high quality mathematics/science education; and (4) become familiar with policies, programs, and strategies being implemented to address such issues. The students also will strengthen their research, communications, and other professional skills, and develop a peer network that includes QEM summer interns from across the country.

Students who wish to participate in the internship must currently be a STEM major at an accredited institution and have successfully completed at least the sophomore year before the start of the internship program. They also must be returning to a degree-granting institution the following academic year, either at the undergraduate or graduate level. Graduating seniors must be already admitted to and planning to enter graduate school in Fall 2013 to be eligible.

Please distribute the application packet to eligible students and feel free to duplicate as needed. The application deadline is Friday, March 1, 2013. On-line copies of the application are available for download at

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