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EGCA 2013/2014 Scholarship Program

The 2013/2014 Scholarship Program

In 2003, EGCA members capitalized the Scholarship endowment with over $125,000 to assure perpetuation of the annual college scholarships.  In the following years, EGCA’s membership has continued to very generously support this program.

The Purpose of EGCA’s Scholarship Program

  1. Member Benefit – EGCA members, their employees or employees’ children are eligible to apply for the two $2,000 scholarships, regardless of their course of study.
  2. Community Benefit-available to EGCA members, their employees and community in an effort to enhance the educational level of the greater community.
  3. Create Qualified Local Talent and Future Leaders, with maximum assistance to those who wish to enter the construction industry and related fields.
  4. Honor the contributions of significant local Industry Leaders-to inspire the greater community with reminders of past leaders who exemplify good citizenship and stewardship.

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