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A number of summer internship opportunities are available and will continue to be posted at UTC AeroSpace Systems.

Interested applicants should go to:

UTC Aerospace Systems has a proud history of innovation in aerospace and industry – innovation that is, in many ways, fueled by the diversity of our people. We recognize the value of our employees as individuals, treasure their potential for growth and encourage their lifelong development both personally and professionally.

As global companies, UTC Aerospace Systems and all of the United Technologies businesses strive to be places where our diversity of businesses, products and services provides a spectrum of opportunities for you to work in a variety of disciplines.

We celebrate the diversity of our individual employees. Our focus on continuous learning and our Employee Scholar Program provide professional growth opportunities. We are committed to attracting the best and brightest people and retaining them through highly competitive opportunities, challenges and rewards.

Our guiding principles define us as a company:

  • People
  • Integrity
  • Ideas
  • Performance
Our goal is to promote inclusiveness by embracing diversity and leveraging its benefits among employees, suppliers and customers, allowing for increased productivity and profitability and strengthening the UTC Aerospace Systems brand.

The bottom line is about more than simple numbers. The bottom line represents the many different cultures and backgrounds that make up our global economy. Diversity gives UTC Aerospace Systems a competitive edge. Only by embracing new ideas and fresh perspectives can we meet the challenges of modern business.

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