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Scholarship for Black and Hispanic Women in Science and Medicine

AMBI(r) Skincare announced today the creation of the AMBI(r) Scholarship in Science & Medicine. Now accepting online applications for 2008, the AMBI(r) Scholarship in Science & Medicine is a national program designed to recognize, reward and support African-American and Hispanic women who have a genuine ambition to pursue a career in science and medicine.

These women are non-traditonal students who may have taken a break from their academic careers but now desire to attend school while balancing family, work, and other personal goals. To help provide them with another opportunity to enter the science and medicine fields, AMBI(r) Skincare has contributed a total of $50,000 to be awarded to 5 African-American and Hispanic Women, each receiving $10,000 towards tuition for any nationwide accredited science or medicine program. The scholarship was established because of the need to offer more opportunities to minority women to continue their education. Statistics from leading organizations reveal a startling trend among Latinas and
African-American women’s education:

15.3 percent of African American women and 10.8 percent of Hispanic women, compared to nearly 25 percent of white women, hold college degrees (American Association of University Women Report) African Americans make up 13 percent of the U.S. population and earned 8.4 percent of the bachelor’s degrees, 6.3 percent of the master’s and 2.8 percent of the doctorates. (Inside Higher Education, 2003-2004) Hispanics make up about 14 percent of the population, but earned only
7.3 percent of the bachelor’s degrees, 4.3 percent of the master’s degrees, and 2.7 percent of doctorates in science and engineering fields in 2003-4. (Inside Higher Education, 2003-2004) 7.8percent of Master’s Degrees are earned by African Americans versus 4.4percent by Hispanics (National Center for Education Statistics, 2003) 5.1percent of Doctor’s Degrees are earned by African Americans and even less (3.2percent) by Hispanics (National Center for Education Statistics, 2003) Whether their hope is to be a nurse, doctor, chemist or high school biology teacher, the AMBI(r) Scholarship will help
recipients achieve their goals by providing the financial resources necessary to pursue their dreams.

Ideal candidates are those who have or wish to make a positive impact and contribution in their lives and their community by dedicating themselves to a career in science or medicine. Sherry Thompson, Product Director for AMBI(r) Skincare, states, “We hope the AMBI(r) Scholarship will help us find those everyday women who are doing extraordinary things yet dream even bigger. We want to inspire women to be more and do more with their lives by lending them the financial support and public recognition that will lead them on the path to attain goals they felt were out of reach.”

Open to African-American and Hispanic women who are legal residents of the United States, applicants must be 21 years of age or older and will also be asked to demonstrate financial need. Submissions will be accepted online beginning January 22, 2008 through March 21, 2008 (11:59pm Central Standard Time) and applicants must apply directly. No product purchase is necessary to be considered.

Additionally, women meeting the outlined criteria must submit answers of 250 words or less discussing the following topics:
What are your professional goals and aspirations How the scholarship will allow you to make a difference in your respective field How will your anticipated school/program help to further your goals and dream How you have been making a difference in your community, family, etc. Studies show that women with a college degree earn, on average, nearly 80 percent more than do women with only a high school diploma (American Association of University Women). Higher educational degrees also open doors to better opportunities in a career and lead to financial independence. But getting a degree is still a challenge, especially for minority women, due to rising cost of education, steadily diminishing financial aid, and continued family tensions. The AMBI(r) Brand expects the AMBI(r) Scholarship in Science & Medicine to help turn the tide and create more opportunities for these women.

In May 2007, Karen Morris-Priester became the first recipient of the AMBI(r) Scholarship in Science & Medicine. As the first grandmother to graduate Yale Medical School, the 44-year old Pennsylvania native’s story exemplifies the desire, drive and commitment that embody the AMBI(r) brand attributes. Her life has been one of personal sacrifice to make a difference in the lives of others and AMBI(r) honored her achievements on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

For full application as well as information about program eligibility and requirements log onto The AMBI(r) Scholarship in Science & Medicine is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies,Inc., maker of AMBI(r) Brand products.

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