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La Mesa – Energy-Efficient Home Tour Saturday, Aug. 10

Energy Efficiency Home Tour

4188 South Tropico Drive, La Mesa

Home Family


Beth and Paul’s beautiful La Mesa home used to have one major problem.  “The living room was unbearable in the summer,” says Beth.  “It felt like you could cook a chicken in there.” Their floor-to-ceiling, west-facing windows were partly to blame, but there was more to the story.

The couple contacted an Energy Upgrade California participating contractor to get a home energy assessment.  The contractor identified a few factors contributing to the temperature problem – including ducts that leaked 40% of the conditioned air, inadequate insulation and, of course, those windows.  The contractor replaced the leaky ducts, sealed the home’s air leakage, added attic insulation, installed energy-efficient Low-E windows, and installed a high efficiency heating and cooling system with dual-zone programmable thermostats.


“As soon as the insulation was installed we could feel the difference, the house was more comfortable and quieter,” Beth says.  “It was a dramatic change.” The upgrades are expected to save the couple 33% on their annual energy use, qualifying them for a $3,000 rebate through Energy Upgrade California.


You’re invited to stop by and tour Beth and Paul’s high performance home – and meet their contractor, Comfort Advisors – on these dates:

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