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PLURIS (Purposeful Learning for Undergraduate Research and Independent Studies)

* For SDSU students only *

PLURIS (Purposeful Learning for Undergraduate Research and Independent Studies) is a project funded by the National Science Foundation and designed by faculty here at SDSU. It aims to help students and faculty make connections that might lead to productive partnerships such as an independent study or undergraduate research experience. This is an invitation to try out our new online software, PLURIS Student Profile Builder.

Think of the Profile Builder as similar to a job interview or discussion.

With PLURIS Profile Builder you can:

• Create a personal profile of your workplace values, work activity preferences, and learning interests that you might use in future graduate school and job applications.

• Review workplace skills, activities, and occupations that might be related to your major.

• Start a learning agenda listing new competencies you might want to develop to add to what you’ve already learned.

• Use your PLURIS Profile data as a basis for discussions with a prospective faculty mentor or with family and friends interested in your studies or career plans.

• Opt to have your personal profile included in a database that SDSU faculty will use to find undergraduate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students they will mentor or supervise for research or independent study credits.

We estimate that completing the Profile Builder will take about 45 minutes. Be prepared to do some serious thinking about who you are and what you want to do through an independent study, and with your degree.

As soon as you submit your profile information, PLURIS will email you a customized report summarizing your individual profile information and, with your permission, we’ll add your profile responses to the PLURIS Profile Database for review by faculty who have opportunities to offer.

SDSU faculty in STEM disciplines will be invited to browse or search this database. Faculty interested in interviewing you will contact you directly via email. However, there’s no assurance that a faculty member will necessarily select you for an interview and there’s no obligation on your part to respond to a faculty invitation. Students who have participated so far have found the experience and report very valuable, and we are pleased to offer this opportunity to you too.

This is the link to the online PLURIS Profile Builder:

Faculty are recruiting students to fill opportunities in their programs for Fall semester in many ways, including reviewing these PLURIS profiles, so please complete your profile on the Profile Builder (link above) no later than Sunday Sept. 1  if you want to be considered in the PLURIS profile pool.

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