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NASA Johnson Space Center 9/5/13 webcasts

On September 5th from 2:00-3:00pm (Central Time), we’re hosting a special webcast for University Career Services professionals, faculty and staff.  This webcast will provide information regarding our student programs including the NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program (formerly Cooperative Education), and NASA Internships.

To participate in our webcast, please click on the following link at 2:00pm (Central Time) on September 5th

If you cannot make our session, but would like more information on student employment programs at NASA Johnson Space Center, please see the program information below.

We’re also hosting a special webcast for students interested in learning more about our programs.  This webcast will be held following the Career Services webcast, and will start at 3:30pm (Central Time).  Students wanting to participate should click on the same link above at 3:30pm (Central Time).

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