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LSAMP Scholars Program

If you are a junior or senior, SDSU LSAMP student (from any year) and interested in going on to graduate school (master or Ph.D.) in science or engineering, you are eligible to apply for this 2009-2010 $2500 scholarship. This can be used for tuition, books, research supplies, GRE test fee, grad app fees, etc. See budget page for examples. You will need a faculty advisor to review/approve your plan and budget. This can be Dr. Martin if necessary, but prefer your faculty research mentor.

2009-2010 CSU-LSAMP Scholars Program
· Applications for the 2009-2010 CSU-LSAMP Student Scholars Program are now available. The Scholars award will be provided for Summer 2009 – Spring 2010 activities. The application is due to Thelma by Monday, February 9, 2009. The application has been revamped slightly so please be sure to look through it before having your students submit it. Changes have also been made to the financial aid form due to the earlier timeline. Each campus may submit up to FIVE applications.
· INCOMPLETE applications will not be considered. It is up to the nominating Campus Coordinator to ensure that all applications are complete.

Contact Thelma Chavez @ 619-594-7195 for more information.

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