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All-expense paid Proctor and Gamble R&D Colloquium for Undergraduates

Diverse Careers in Technology

Development Colloquium for Undergraduates

A Unique Experience
You are invited to apply to the R&D Colloquium. The Colloquium is designed to give undergraduate chemistry and life science majors a broad overview of the current state of research in the health and beauty care industry. Some of the program highlights include:

· A discussion of how health and beauty care companies utilize R&D to bring products to the market — from concept/discovery to pharmacy or store shelves.

· A review of technologies — such as genomics, molecular modeling and disease pathway mapping — on which R&D is based.

· A tour of laboratories that will give students an opportunity to observe state-of-the-art technologies in use.

· A discussion of case studies on product discovery and development in the health and beauty care industries.

· A review of how companies develop an understanding of what matters most to customers.

· Real world advice for students who want to know how they can use their chemistry or life science training in the field, and the opportunity to learn about a career in R&D.

· An opportunity to meet scientists and technology managers to get their perspectives on the innovation process and challenges to R&D.

· An opportunity to meet a mentor at P&G who may serve as a resource and industry contact for the future.

Key Information for Applicants
The Colloquium is held annually in the fall in Cincinnati, Ohio. Applications are accepted year-round but must be submitted by July 31 to be considered for that year’s event.

The Colloquium is primarily intended for African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Native American undergraduate students. All qualified candidates, however, will be considered. Accommodation, meals and travel expenses will be paid for by P&G. The Colloquium language is English.

This opportunity to get an inside view of industrial R&D will be offered to a limited number of candidates. Applicants must be full-time college students, preferably in their junior or senior year, majoring in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, chemical engineering technology, chemical technology or another life-science-related program. Candidates must be U.S. citizens or nationals, permanent residents, refugees or asylees, or temporary residents under the legalization program of the 1986 Immigration Act.

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