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For those of you who missed the MESA Family Open House and Awards Celebration, the program is attached so that you can see…

…who’s transferring this year, and where,

…who received more than $10,000 from the National Science foundation S-STEMS scholarship,

…who received the $500 NSF MESAdvantage Scholarships,

…who received a special scholarship offered together with the City College Math Department and MESA,

…this year’s MESA Student of the Year, and

…this year’s Spirit of MESA award winner.

I want you to know that I am proud of each and every one of you, whether your name is on this program or not. There is so much that I wanted to say about each of the students who received awards on Friday, but I held back for fear of embarrassing them. Today, I wish I’d said more, as now the time is past and many of them I won’t see again at all. Know that I recognize each of you for the obstacles that you have overcome to continue on this difficult but incredibly worthy path. Know that I realize that it’s not always easy to attend to grades and family and MESA activities and scholarship applications and everything else, but that I will continue to push you for all of these things because they’ll help you most in the long run. Know that MESA is there for you now and always, and that we’ll want to know how you’re doing as you move forward in your life. And know, above all, that we’re proud of you.

Congratulations transfers! Congratulations scholarship and internship award winners! Congratulations MESA students! And happy summer to you all.

As you must know already, the MESA Center will be closed through the summer.

We will continue to offer tutoring in math, and are seeking tutors in chemistry, to help support our MESA student through summer classes. If you need tutoring, please email me your needs and your availability ASAP so that we can best schedule summer support.

We will also continue to forward email including internship, scholarship, and other programs of interest and available to STEM majors.

If you need me at any time, remember that I am just the other end of your email, and the electrons will continue to find me even when I am not in the MESA Center. They’re ubiquitous that way.




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