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SCE 2009 Summer Internship

Transform your future.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Summer Internships

Learn and Earn at SCE!

College Summer Internships are available at various locations throughout our Southern California locations.
SCE’s College Internship Program is designed to provide students an opportunity to complement their
academic knowledge with a real world work environment. This program provides the opportunity to develop transferable skills, as well as acquaint you with the mission and goals of our company.
SCE firmly believes learning and development are an important part of career development. We have a wealth of opportunities available to fit your specific job interests and career goals. Listed are
just some of the majors we have hired into the program. We are also open to considering additional majors.

• Accounting
• Business
• Communications
• Economics
• Environmental Studies
• Engineering
• Human Resources
• Industrial Hygiene/Safety
• Information Technology
• Law
• Marine Biology
• Marketing
• Physics
• Statistics
• Supply Chain Management

Internship Program Details:

• Full-time, Paid Summer Internship
• Flexible start (May/June) and end (August/September) – dates
based on your availability.
• Partnered with a mentor in the hiring department.

Eligibility Requirements:

• Must be attending an accredited college or university
• Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate academic
program, be attending school at least part-time, and be
making satisfactory progress toward a degree
• Official transcript and verification of enrollment in an
academic program must be provided. A 3.0 GPA is required
• Must be authorized to work in the United States

To apply, please visit:

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