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Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Academy at the City of Hope

If you are interested in the Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Academy at the City of Hope, the application is now available.

It can be found at

A complete application consists of the biographical information (filled out online), mini-essays, 2 letters of recommendation and a transcript.

City of Hope and its Beckman Research Institute are among the nation’s top centers for innovative medical and scientific research. Hundreds of physicians, nurses, and scientists are conducting studies that will revolutionize our understanding of nature, thereby enhancing our ability to treat and prevent cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and other diseases. Our physicians and scientists guide summer students in their research, helping them develop critical thinking. Please check our website ( for specific information about our laboratories.

Many summer students will work in laboratories studying the genes, proteins, and compounds important for normal and abnormal cellular function. They may use human cell lines or models such as viruses, bacteria, and fruit flies. Employing the latest techniques of molecular biology, they will interpret their data with concepts taken from biochemistry, genetics, neurosciences, and immunology.

Other summer students will have projects in bioinformatics, doing computer modeling of potential drugs and compounds or investigating how to organize biological information into new knowledge.

Still other interns will work in clinical departments or population sciences, investigating the outcomes data of different treatment regimens, the socio-economic factors that contribute to illness and health, and how medical centers can maximize the quality of life of patients and their families.

Participants will:

  • Conduct a research project.
  • Present their research in an oral or poster session to their peers and other interested scientific and medical personnel.
  • Prepare a short written report documenting their research project.
  • Attend weekly meetings with either medical/scientific speakers or student presentations.
  • Attend career development seminars.
  • Participate in social activities.

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