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California Space Grant Consortium

2012 NSF/MESA Summer Team Internship Symposium

The National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to the San Diego MESA Alliance (SDMA) provided stipends for 36 student interns (12 students in MESA/MEP program at each campus – San Diego City College, San Diego State University, and Southwestern Community College) this summer at various projects in science and engineering firms.
This is a unique paid internship that incorporates a team component into the student internship experience. Hired student interns were placed in teams of 2-4 students to work on projects in engineering and science firms or for faculty. Summer internships occurred between May through August of 2012, at a minimum of 100 hours. In some cases, employers and/or faculty may extend internships or create other internship opportunities for students (beyond summer 2012).

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Mars Curiosity Seminar

Mars Curiosity Seminar

Presentation this Friday (11/2/2012) at UCSD on the recent Mars Science Laboratory Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL). The guest speaker is Brian Schratz, the lead engineer for telecommunications for the EDL team (he was one of the few people in mission control the night of the landing). This seminar promises to be inspiring to students embarking on STEM careers.

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MESA Research Academy, funded by the California Space Grant Consortium

Twenty MESA students (10 from City College and Southwestern College, each) attended a 1-week Research Academy at San Diego State University (SDSU) in July 2012. The Academy was designed as a “trainer the trainer academy for understanding ‘what is research?'” The Academy was designed and implemented by 3 SDSU graduate research students. The Academy schedule included:

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California Space Grant Consortium proposal

This proposal addresses a collaborative initiative between the San Diego MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) Alliance (SDMA) and the Department of Aerospace Engineering at San Diego State University (SDSU). We aim to develop outreach activities that are focused on integrating and motivating students from underrepresented groups into Aerospace research and development. The SDMA with partner community colleges San Diego City College and Southwestern College provides the ideal platform to identify students from underrepresented groups from grades K-12 to college and interest them in STEM education and research. The Aerospace Department at SDSU provides the credible and relevant research projects to interest these students in Aerospace Research in particular. We focus on the involvement of MS and PhD student mentors that are working on the research proposed in a related CaSG Workforce Development proposal on “Control of Lagrangian Mixing in Fuel Injector Flows into Supersonic Cross-Stream”. Through seminars, campus visits, and mutual mentoring from K-12 to the graduate level, we will motivate and integrate underrepresented students from K-12 up to the PhD level into Aerospace research and development.

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