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2007-2008 NSF Scholarships

81 students across the three participating campuses (San Diego City College, San Diego State University, and Southwestern Community College) were given a $500 scholarship for participation in SPSD
activities. $40,500 in NSF scholarships distributed directly to students significantly decreased financial burden on students and their families.

Students who received or are in the process of receiving scholarship support for the 2007-2008 academic year include:

***From San Diego City College***

Yasmin Ahmed, biology

Edgar Armenta, mechanical engineering

William Armstrong, electrical engineering

Emily Botts, biology

Amanda Bustamante, structural engineering

Rolando Herrera, mechanical engineering

Soleil Joya, biology

Shawn Krisman, bioengineering

Chris Kuehl, computer engineering

Dana Long, aerospace engineering

Holly Jo Makagon, botany

Everardo Maya-Ramos, mechanical engineering

Daniel McGrath, compuer science

Manuel Mussen, food science/fermentation

Victoria Obey-Fabiyi, mechanical engineering

Nilo Ondevilla, bioengineering

Sara Sans, Astronomy

Bryant Souslin, biochemistry

Kiedra Taylor, aerospace engineering

Adam Taylor, environmental science

Nino Yosinao, mathematics

***From San Diego State University***

Alejandro Aguirre, Jr., aerospace engineering

Topacio Arellano, civil engineering

Leo Arzu, mathematics

Wahid Baha, electrical engineering

Naemi Bakit, civil engineering

Claudia Brizuela, civil engineering

Richard Fernandez, civil engineering

Abraham Gallardo, computer engineering

David Garcia, mechanical engineering

Roberto Gomez, mechanical engineering

Alfonso Gomez-Gil, computer engineering

Jose Gonzalez, mechanical engineering

Aleksandr Gostomelskiy, civil engineering

Eric Guerreiro, civil engineering

Ryan Hall, mechanical engineering

Mario Hernandez, mechanical engineering

Peter Hoss, computer engineering

Francisco Jazo, bioengineering

Betty Jo, mechanical engineering

Michelle Jordan, bioengineering

Grizelda Kersteen, physics

Akashakaur Khalsa, mechanical engineering

David Lampley, electrical engineering

Marco Lechuga-Corral, electrical engineering

Trenton Leslie, mechanical engineering

Juan-Lorenzo Lopez, civil engineering

Jose Melgoza, civil engineering

Marco Antonio Mendoza, civil engineering

Brian Nguy, mechanical engineering

Kenny Nguyen, civil engineering

David Nuno, civil engineering

Dorcas Olaniyan, civil engineering

Monique Pluma, mechanical engineering

Bianca Ross, mathematics

Jessica Schroeder, aerospace engineering

Jose Serrato, civil engineering

Denden Tekeste, electrical engineering

Jorge Tercero, environmental engineering

Joe Torres, Jr., chemical physics

Kellyne Winchester, computer engineering

***From Southwestern College***

Natalie Aguilar-Carranza, civil engineering

Daniela Amezquita, marine biology

Erika Aron, biology

Esther Dinio, mathematics

Mark Gianino, chemistry

Gabriel Gomez, biology

Rene Gomez, electrical engineering

Jennifer Keliher, biology

Luis Leon, civil engineering

Ana Patricia Lopez, environmental engineering

Asis Lopez, biology

Monica Lopez, health science/nutrition

Rafael Medina-Perez, computer science

Alejandro Montoya, electrical engineering

Bryan Quitasol, computer science

Karlo Rodriguez, biotechnology

Gregorio Romero, engineering

Sandra Saucedo, health science

Graciela Zamudio, mathematics

Victor Zuniga, physics

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