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The UCSD Hughes Scholars- Summer Research Program

The UCSD Hughes Scholars

Community College Student

Summer Research Program

Program Duration: 21 June to 27 August 2010

Program Stipend: $2,000 (includes free GRE Prep course)

· Full-time, paid summer research experience working under a Faculty-Mentor in a UCSD academic lab or in local biotech firms.

· Matched with a UCSD Faculty or local biotech/biomedical firm who will help design and supervise each student’s project.

· Requires a 40 hour/week time commitment from participants for the entire program period.

· Requires one letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

· Available to community college students majoring in bio-related fields (biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, etc), who have taken at least one lab-based biology and one lab-based chemistry class before summer 2010.

· APPLY ONLINE at: (Note: you must create an account in order to access the application!)

Application deadline

January 31, 2010

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