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Robots score in MESA competition

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Teams of high schoolers cheered as their robots rolled forward, pushing golf balls toward a net in a miniaturized version of soccer.

Mathematic Engineering Science Achievement held its third high school robotics competition Wednesday evening at Southwest High School with 35 teams participating. The middle school competition was Tuesday with 41 teams, said local MESA director Jeanette Ramos-Espino.

Students were sent kits to build their soccer-playing robots, she said. They got to design, program and build their robots to push a golf ball into a net.

The competition is to inspire students to go into engineering careers, she said. The top three finishers will move on to a competition in April in San Diego.

This was the first year the event was on weekdays as schools and teachers had asked for it to be moved, she said. Previously it had coincided with weekend holiday events.
Some didn’t like the new days.

High School Results for Robotics Competition:
1st Place:Team Legotron LJRCM 300 , Holtville High
Luis Lopez, Josue Mejia, Raul Gonzalez, David Zamora

2nd place: IRobot, Imperial High
Stephanie Garcia, Karina Alcala, Jovanni Hernandez, Adrian Baez, Jose Calderon

3rd place: Aigoo Ka Sob, Imperial High
Erika Soto, Steven Orozco, Aya Ali, Jolina Bunda, Debbie Kim

Middle School Results for Robotics Competition:
1st place: Meadows School
Kazandra Jacobo, Vanessa Parra, Taylor Hanson, & Lorena Canez

2nd place: Meadows School Advisor:
Francisco Vargas, Angel Lemus, Tiffani Canez, & Andrew Real

3rd place: Holtville Middle
Jaime Garcia, Jenny Ortega, Cameron Aragon, Cynthia Cortez & Antonio Reyes

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