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STEM Scholarship program

The STEM Scholarship program is looking for applicants to fund for the Spring 2011 semester. The STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) Scholarship program is funded by a NSF grant for providing undergraduate scholarships to talented and under represented students in science, engineering and mathematics disciplines to engage them in research. The scholarships can support undergraduate students for two years. The scholarship amount is $5000 for first year of participation and $6000 for second year of participation if they maintain satisfactory progress in their academic studies and research. The objective of the program is to engage students in research, get them to publish, and transition them successfully to graduate studies. The program web site is

We have funding for at least 12 students this semester (Spring 2011). Students have to qualify for financial aid and have expenses that are not covered by other grants to benefit from this scholarship. Students beginning to take junior years courses are encouraged to apply, so they may participate for the full two year period. We will however also accept students who are seniors and can participate for at least one full academic year. Students selected for the scholarship will be matched up with a mentor in their field of study. The student will need to participate in research in the mentors lab. In addition to this students will interact closely with STEM grant professors (Dr. Satchi Venkataraman, Dr. Jose Castillo and Dr. Paul Paolini) and receive mentorship and assistance in developing their research skills and putting together a successful portfolio to pursue graduate studies in future.

If you are aware of any talented student who qualifies for financial aid and is interested in participating in research to developing further his/her skills in their field of study, please advise them of this opportunity.

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