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American’s Brain Drain

Some of you may have seen this piece on the CBS Morning News today. If not you may want to spend a few minutes and check it out. Among the students featured in this segment are students from Sheldon’s college at SFSU.

Prof. Vivek Wadhwa who is featured in the program is a panelist on a forum on US Engineering Graduates that I am co-chairing with Dean Yannis Yortsos from USC at the annual Engineering Deans Institute meeting in April. :

This is a must-watch, 7 minute segment, on today’s CBS Sunday Morning show. It starts with what President Obama said in his State of the Union address about the importance of science and engineering education. It goes on to detail the reality of how we are losing the world’s best and brightest talent. I discuss my research. Many of my students are also featured in this along with my mentor at UC-Berkeley, AnnaLee Saxenian.

President Obama devoted much of his State of the Union address to education and science. For years our American universities have attracted the best science students in the world, but as John Blackstone reports, it’s keeping them here once they graduate that’s the challenge.

Here is the link to watch this:

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