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Sensorimotor Neural Engineering seminar

Seminar – Dr. Tom Daniels from the University of Washington and Executive Director of The ERC will be at SDSU on 1/26/12 from 1 -2pm in the SDSU Bio Science Center Gold Auditorium. – MESA/MEP/MSP students are strongly encouraged to attend.

  • Learn about state of the art research at University of Washington
  • Hear more about the ERC
  • If you are interested in the above, you should definitely attend this seminar

An ERC student meeting at SDSU on 1/27 from 9am to 10am at 6495 Alvarado Rd, Suite 225.

  •   Students have the opportunity to learn more about the ERC
  •   Students will meet and talk with lead faculty and staff of the ERC from SDSU and University of Washington
  • Student can learn more about Dr. Tom Daniels’ seminar.


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