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California Senate Fellowship Program

Do you know someone with a keen interest in public policy and the legislative process?

Wednesday, February 22, is the deadline to apply for a California Senate Fellowship. As a program alumnus who served in the office of state Sen. Albert S. Rodda, I know that the Senate Fellowship is an excellent opportunity to obtain a full-immersion education in how state government works (and sometimes doesn’t). Anyone above the age of 20 who has a bachelor’s degree (in any field) is eligible to apply. While you might expect that a political science degree is the best qualification for an applicant, the program is very interested in a diversity of candidates. In fact, having a math degree helped me stand out from most of the other applicants. Any background is welcome.

The Senate Fellowship program is administered through Sacramento State and more information is available at Related programs offer fellowships in the State Assembly, the Executive Branch, and the Judiciary. If anyone would like to contact me to discuss the Senate program and my experience with it, please do! Also, please consider passing this along to former students who now have four-year degrees and might benefit from a year’s experience at the State Capitol.

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