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2008 NSF/MESA Summer Team Internship Luncheon

The National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to the San Diego MESA Alliance (SDMA) provided stipends for 36 student interns this summer at various projects in science and engineering firms in, but not limited to, San Diego.  Some companies decided to compensate the interns themselves separate of our provided stipend and thus able to allow other students opportunities to participate.  The 2008 NSF/MESA Summer Team Internship luncheon was held on August 14, 2008 at San Diego State University’s Aztec Center Casa Real from 11:30-1:30 pm.

  1. Aguilar-Carranza, Natalie
  2. Amezquita, Daniella
  3. Banks, Gabriela
  4. Barrett, Lara
  5. Cancino, Erik
  6. Capetillo, Vanessa
  7. Castro, Eli
  8. Cortez, Elsa
  9. Gallardo, Abraham
  10. Gianino, Mark
  11. Gomez, Jorge
  12. Gomez, Roberto
  13. Gostomelskiy, Aleksandr
  14. Hernandez, Mario
  15. Hernandez, Khristina Rae
  16. Herrera, Rolando
  17. Keliher, Jennifer
  18. Lampley, David
  19. Lauer, Benjamin
  20. Leon, Luis
  21. Lopez, Anna
  22. Lopez, Juan Lorenzo
  23. Medina-Perez, Rafael Ivan
  24. Montoya, Alejandro
  25. Montoya, Sergio
  26. Mott, Sean
  27. Oliver, Eric
  28. Ondevilla, Nilo
  29. Pulido, Wilson
  30. Rodriguez, Diana
  31. Romero, Stephen
  32. Taylor, Adam
  33. Tekeste, Denden
  34. Valdez, David
  35. Winchester, Kellyne
  36. Yalda, Azhar
  37. Zuniga, Victor Jose

The aforementioned students from MESA programs at San Diego City College, San Diego State University, and Southwestern Community College, interned at the following companies in summer of 2008.

  1. Caltrans
  2. General Atomics Electronics Systems, Inc.
  3. Infrastructure Engineering Corporation
  4. Howard Hughes Program
  5. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  6. NAVAIR Fleet Readiness Center Southwest
  7. Northrop Grumman Corporation
  8. REU, University of Minnesota
  9. Rick Engineering Company
  10. San Diego Water Department
  11. San Diego Coastkeeper
  12. San Diego Zoo
  13. Shiley Center for Orthpaedic Research & Education at Scripps Clinic (SCORE)
  14. Sempra Energy SDG&E
  15. SMDEP, University of Washington
  16. SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  17. UCSD Laboratory of Sleep and Chronobiology

The interns were placed into ‘teams’ of 2 or more with their fellow interns by a number of ways, including but not limited to, by similar major, company and/or company goals.  The interns then created a joint poster that detailed the teams experiences at their respective companies and presented it to their industry and academic guests.  The agenda for the luncheon also including an opening speech by the SDSU College of Engineering Dean David T. Hayhurst and open networking among guests in attendance.

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