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SPAWAR: Materials Engineering

Undergraduate Level:
Senior level Electrical Engineering major

Required Course Work:
Fundamentals of Semiconductor devices
Electronic Material Science of Integrated Circuits
Introduction to Nanotechnology

Necessary Lower Division Courses:
General Chemistry & General Chemistry Labs, C Programming, C++ Programming, Calculus I, II, and III, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Physics, Mechanics, Optics/Waves, Electromagnetism
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Preparing lab materials e.g. silicon substrates, wafers, and wet chemistry.
Using rapid thermal annealers to create carbon nanotubes.
Cataloguing different experimental parameters and outcomes.
Performing literature searches and reviews, compiling and cataloging background material, and preparing summaries and bibliographies.
Monthly Status Reports and Bi-Weekly Time Reports shall be in accordance with basic contract CDRL.

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