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Exoplanets and Life in the Universe

NASA will shortly be hosting a Google Hangout on the subject of exoplanets and alien life. It will begin in a few minutes.

“Wondering about planets around other stars and alien life? Here’s your chance to have some of those questions answered.

Dr. Sara Seager — MIT planetary astronomer and member of Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential in Space for 2012 — will discuss exoplanets, their atmospheres and life in the universe in a Google Hangout at 4p.m. EST Dec. 11 with Tony Darnell of Deep Astronomy. Dr. Seager, an expert in exoplanet research and a member of the Webb advisory committee will be joined by Webb astronomers Dr. Jason Kalirai and Dr. Alberto Conti for a wide-ranging discussion. Post your own questions and the participants will try to answer them.”

You don’t need a G+ account to watch, you can stream the whole thing live from Youtube here:

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