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UCSD School of Medicine RESEARCH Opportunities

The UCSD School of Medicine wanted me to circulate these summer research opportunities that it will be hosting this year for minority/first-generation college high school students (especially those with interested in pursuing science majors and research at UCSD), and for UCSD undergrads (including those transferring to UCSD by fall from community colleges and elsewhere). Both programs pay stipends. Attached is the application that should be used for both programs.

UCSD Research Application.doc

For this summer, the School of Medicine has an interest in enrolling high school and undergrad students who have participated in SEA-sponsored outreach and enrichment programs, especially those programs with a science/research emphasis, so they are encouraging as many of our students to apply as possible (provided they are not already due to participate in your regularly scheduled summer program.) Interested students, in the application’s Personal Statement section, should mention the specific SEA program(s) they are, or have, participated in (such as TRIO, CC2U, BioBridge, AEP, A3, EAOP, HSP, OASIS).

The 2009 Health Connections Opportunity Program’s (HCOP) High School Laboratory Training Program will be conducted June 15 – July 10, 2009 at the UCSD School of Medicine. Students should preferably be high school sophomores, juniors or seniors with a strong interest in pursuing a science major in college, and have an intent to apply to UCSD. Trainees are required to report to the UCSD School of Medicine laboratory for 6 hours a day for 4 weeks, for a total of 120 hours , and from Sept 22 – October 3 for a SAT Prep course. Students complete 140 hours of research related experience, and a 40-hour Grad Pro SAT Review course. Students earn a $600 stipend. HCOP is a collaborative effort between UCSD and SDSU in which the UCSD School of Medicine offers academic workshops, lab training and advising support to underrepresented students interested in health careers in cooperation with the UCSD Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE).

FOR UNDERGRADS AT UCSD (incoming freshmen, sophomores and transfer students) —
The 2009 CURE, BRIDGES, HCOP Undergraduate Laboratory Training Program will be conducted July 8 – August 28, 2009 at the UCSD School of Medicine. Trainees are required to report to the HCOE UCSD School of Medicine laboratory for 8 hours a day for 8 weeks, for a total of 320 hours. Students complete 240 hours of research related experience and 80 hours of noon seminar. Students earn a $3000 stipend. UCSD students that qualify are High School seniors accepted to UCSD, rising undergraduate sophomores, and community college students transferring to UCSD in the fall. (Those students interested in pursuing graduate school in research are especially sought.) Some non-UCSD students may be accepted in the program.

Anita Williams at the School of Medicine directly at 858-534-0127

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