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2014 Research Academy

Announcing the Fall 2014 schedule of research presentations, presented by MESA Program students:

  • Topic 1 (date)
  • Topic 2 (date)
  • Topic 3 (date)
  • etc.

These presentations will:

  • Address the topic of “What is Research?”
  • Highlight current research at SDSU and UCSD
  • Identify research opportunities at SDSU and UCSD


MESA Research Academy flyer

25 MESA students (10 from City College, 10 from Southwestern College, 5 from SDSU) will attend a 1-week Research Academy at San Diego State University (SDSU) from July 21-25, 2014. The Research Academy is designed as a “trainer the trainer academy for understanding ‘what is research?’”   Funded by the NASA – California Space Grant Consortium, the academy was led by SDSU graduate students under the direction of Dr. Gustaaf Jacobs, SDSU Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Center for Industrial Training and Engineering Research. The Research Academy schedule includes:

  • Monday: Training on the research process and how to give a research presentation, including information on research opportunities at SDSU and UCSD.
  • Tuesday – Thursday: Students, assigned in teams, conducted an “investigative shadow” of ongoing research projects at SDSU or UCSD
  • Friday: Each research team presented a 1-hour presentation on their assigned research project at SDSU. The students evaluated each other using a presentation rubric.

Beyond the Research Academy, each of the teams is responsible for presenting their research experience at City College, Southwestern College, and SDSU. In addition, each research presentation will be given to MESA pre-college programs in San Diego and Imperial County. Presentations will be conducted in Fall 2014.  Each participating student will receive a $375 stipend.

  • Research Academy leads: Daniel Nelson and Bo Stump (SDSU graduate assistants)
  • SDSU Project leads: Garrett Bornard (Combustion), Jeremiah Cox (Sensorimotor Neural Engineering), and Matthew Laue (Flame Spread)
  • UCSD Project leads: UCSD: Laura Anderson( Bulk Metallic Glasses) and Phuong Thi Nogc Troung (Near Space Balloon)


Participating students from San Diego City College:

  1. Bonjovi Brown
  2. Jorge Camacho
  3. Geovanny Duran
  4. Estefani Hernandez
  5. Ernesto Ibarra
  6. Israel Morado
  7. Ernesto Molina
  8. Cindy Mora
  9. Jonathan Orozco
  10. Rodrigo Sierra

Participating students from Southwestern College:

  1. Alphonso Colmenero
  2. Jose Luis Estrada
  3. Jose Gomez
  4. Jessica Hernandez
  5. Jonathan Malo
  6. Raul G. Martinez
  7. Monique Rashid
  8. Luis Rivera
  9. Juan Salazar
  10. Jacobo Wiesner

Participating students from San Diego State University:

  1. Emeterio Hernandez
  2. Saul Montano
  3. Kyle Nelson
  4. Alberto Perez Jr.
  5. Liban Sheikh-Abdullahi
SDSU student participants for the MESA Research Academy
SDSU student participants for the MESA Research Academy

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