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Arduino Design Competition Results

The semester-long Arduino competition which concluded with a Symposium last week consisted of six four-person teams of MESA students, including at least one female per team, began this journey in August with the goal of demonstrating the use of Arduino technology in a “real world” application.

Mentored by a volunteer “coach” from Northrop Grumman, each team was allowed use of one SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino, plus up to $80 in SparkFun components.

During the Symposium, the team presentations were judged on content, including a 2-3 minute video, and overall presentation. The presentations were judged by a three-person panel, including Art Felix – Northrop Grumman, Tehseen Lazzouni – California Space Grant Consortium and Dr. Minou Spradley – Dean of the School of Engineering & Technologies, Mathematics, Sciences, and Nursing.

The designs were amazing, and the experiences were priceless! Here are the final Arduino designs and results:

1st place ($1,000 scholarship): Water conservation intelligent shower system
· Captain: Jeremy Huerto – Mechanical Engineering
· Israel Morado – Mechanical Engineering
· David Robison – Computer Engineering
· Elizabeth Rodriguez – Environmental Engineering
· Coach: Chris Tooley – Software Engineer III

2nd place ($500 scholarship): Perfect posture seat monitor
· *Rodrigo Sierra – Aerospace Engineering
· Ruth Sanchez – Bioengineering
· Daniel Sandoval – Computer Science
· Janeth Rivera – Biology
· Coach: Mark Cuezon – Systems Engineer

3rd place ($250 scholarship): Touch response door lock/message system
· *Jonathan Orozco – Electrical Engineering
· Cindy Mora – Chemical Engineering
· Daniel Morales – Bio Engineer
· Ysidro Alfaro De Leon – Electrical Engineering
· Coach: Danee Kenyon – Electromechanical Engineer

Honorable mention:
Flex sensor glove for translating American Sign Language
· *Alejandra Contreras – Bioengineering
· Karen Castro – Computer Science
· Brandon Mariscal – Physics
· Coach: James Thompson – Mechanical Engineer

Smartmorning assistant, including clock alarm, pulse sensor and temperature sensor
· *Alejandra Martinez – Mechanical Engineering
· Justino Guerrero – Electrical Engineering
· Atl Arredondo – Computer Science
· Jose Luis Ramirez – Electrical Engineering
· Coach: Jonathan Logan – Engineer

Pet food dispenser
· *Natalia Alvarez – Computer Science
· Charles Garcia – Computer Science
· Arnold Suarez – Physics
· Coach: Ryan Causey – Embedded Software Engineer

Auxiliary coaches
· Michael Yao – Software Engineer
· Pierre Porcenat – Engineer

Special thanks to our Arduino competition sponsors, including NASA, California Space Grant Consortium, Northrop Grumman and SparkFun Electronics. Click here to view our Arduino competition webpage, including a Symposium photo gallery.

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