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MESA Schools Program Hiring Undergraduate Student Assistants

Under the direction and supervision of the MESA Schools Program Director, the MESA Undergraduate Student Assistant (hereafter UG) will serve as a lead on a variety of projects that will enhance the educational experience of middle and high school students participating in the MESA Schools Program at SDSU.

Responsibilities include actively engaging students in a variety of hands-on and inquiry-based activities designed to enhance their STEM education.

The MESA UG will work with students on a 1:1 basis and in small groups in various capacities, including tutor, mentor, and college advisor. He/she will be responsible for maintaining accurate records, monitoring student progress, making program announcements, facilitating activities, and other related tasks as assigned by the MESA staff.

While most work will be done at the individual school sites, some responsibilities will also include clerical work in the MESA office, such as data input and supply organizing/distribution. MESA UG’s will encourage and support the students in a positive and enriching learning environment and serve as role models to support and achieve the program’s mission and vision.

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