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STEM Students Use Buoyancy Shoes to Walk on Water

The 2015 Walk on Water Competition was held on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Southwestern Community College swimming pool, from 10:00 – 1:00 PM. The competition had over 100 attendees, with 18 teams from San Diego State University, San Diego City College, Discovery Charter Middle School, Lincoln High School, North County Trade Tech High School, Granger Jr High School, Del Dios Middle School, San Diego High School, and Helix High School.

Teams of MESA students designed “buoyancy shoes”, and student “shoe pilots” race across the length of the pool. The competition allows students to gain experience at applying the engineering design process and solving open-ended problems.

The San Diego MESA Alliance would like to thank the middle and high school team advisers/chaperones for their support, as well as the following industry volunteers:

2015 Walk on Water industry volunteers
2015 Walk on Water industry volunteers
  1. GHD – Christine Waters
  2. MWH Global – Peggy Umphres
  3. Rick Engineering Company – Fernando Villasenor (SDSU MESA alumnus)
  4. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Rennie Andrews
  5. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Matthew Bond
  6. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Frank Chang
  7. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Eris Gustafson
  8. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Justin James, Ph.D.
  9. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Hoan Luong
  10. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Leah Kelley, Ph.D.
  11. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Sohel Rana
  12. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific – Yolanda Tanner
  13. SWC ASO

2015 Walk on Water Competition Final Results:

Fastest shoes:

  1. San Diego City College – Robo Shoes
  2. Discovery Charter Middle School – The Carrier
  3. Discovery Charter Middle School – Speedy

Most creative shoes:

  1. Lincoln High School – Hornets #1
  2. Discovery Charter Middle School – The Carrier
  3. San Diego State University – Smart Shoes

Best use of recyclable materials:

  1. Lincoln High School – Hornets #1
  2. Lincoln High School – Hornets #3
  3. Discovery Charter Middle School – Wolfpack

Videos can be found at the San Diego MESA Alliance YouTube channel –Walk on Water playlist.

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