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16th Annual Olympics & Robotics Competition

The 16th Annual Calculator Olympics and Robotics Challenge event was held on Saturday, April 18th, 2009 at San Diego City College.  76+ students and volunteers participated.

Teams consisting of MESA students at San Diego State University (SDSU), San Diego City College (SDCC), Southwestern Community College (SWC), and participating schools from Imperial Valley and San Diego MESA Schools Programs competed against each other in exams that included Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and some Engineering material.

Each school was also allowed 1-2 teams who would program a LEGO Mindstorm NXT robotics kit to compete in 2 missions.  The first mission required speed and intelligence to maneuver through each checkpoint correctly.  The second mission was a head-to-head competition in that robots raced to collect the most LEGO pieces under a constrained area and time limit.

Special thanks to the events prize sponsors, Sony and the National Science Foundation, and San Diego MESA Alliance Industry Advisory Board volunteers, Carol Gooden of NASLAND Engineering and Brianna Lutes of Infrastructure Engineering Corporation, the MESA Schools Program advisors, and all of the MESA staff.

Robotics Challenge

1st place – SDSU – winners of Sony handycam.

  1. Abraham Gallardo
  2. Vanessa Capetillo
  3. Tatsaniporn Inkhamfong
  4. Jasmine Rodriguez-Wagner

2nd place – Calipatria High School – winners of portable 250GB hard drive.

  1. Gabriel Juarez
  2. Daniel Vasquez
  3. Luis Cancio
  4. Victor Zamorano

3rd place – De Anza High School – winners of 7″ digital photo frame.

  1. Mark Venegas
  2. Tommy Lee
  3. Israel Estrada
  4. Robert Nunez

Calculator Olympics Level 1

1st place – SWC – winners of Sony 8GB Walkman (black).

  1. Hector Guerrero
  2. Ana Patricia Lopez
  3. Jennifer Keliher
  4. David Vivas

2nd place – SDSU – winners of Sansa 2GB MP3 players.

  1. Adrian Torres
  2. Sheldon Miles
  3. Matthew Garcia
  4. Marco Segura

3rd place – Southwest High School – winners of Sony 1GB Walkman (blue).

  1. Aldo Bermudez
  2. Carlos Fletes

Calculator Olympics Level 2

1st place – SWC – winners of portable 230GB hard drive (black and blue).

  1. Phillip Patague
  2. Sergio Rodriguez
  3. Mark Gianino
  4. Lianne Huang

2nd place – SDSU – winners of Bamboo PC tablets with pen.

  1. Karina Kangas
  2. Leo Arzu
  3. Jorge Jimenez
  4. Matthew San Pedro

3rd place – SDSU – winners of Plantronics Bluetooth headset with free pairing service.

  1. Arielle Nuspl
  2. Agustin Barajas
  3. Christina Newell
  4. David Garcia

Calculator Olympics Level 3

1st place – SDSU – winners of Sony portable DVD player.

  1. Tiffini Buchanan
  2. Margie Ramos
  3. David Quezada
  4. Jacqueline Alva

2nd place – SDCC – winners of Apple iPod 4GB shuffle with voiceover feature.

  1. Stuart Young
  2. Jorge Gomez
  3. Jordan Lin

3rd place – SDSU – winners of 8GB USB flash drive.

  1. Leo Alo
  2. Abdullahi Elmi
  3. Denden Tekeste
  4. Claudia Brizuela

Videos (check out more videos at the San Diego MESA Alliance YouTube channel – Olympics & Robotics Competition playlist):

Photo gallery:

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