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2008-2009 CSU-LSAMP Scholars Program Application

This is a scholarship for LSAMP students ONLY! This is a CSU wide scholarship program but SDSU can nominate up to 5 students!

Interested in furthering your education? MA, MS or Ph.D.? We have 6 former LSAMP Scholars who are now at Ph.D. programs at Texas A&M, UCSB, UCSC and the University of Houston. Currently we have two LSAMP scholars attending SDSU, preparing for graduate school.


o Up to $2,500 per student

o Choice of Activity (GRE Preparation, Research Experiences, Grad School Visits, Stipends, etc.)


o Upper-Division Students Who Have Previously Participated in LSAMP Activities
o Graduate School Oriented – MA/MS/PhD (medical, dental, pharmacy, & veterinary School are not eligible)
o Be Enrolled at a CSU for Fall 2007 (and enrolled at a CSU Campus for at least one Semester or Two Quarter Terms of the Academic Year 2008-2009)
o STEM Major
o US citizen or Permanent Resident


o Nomination from CSU-LSAMP Campus Coordinator
o CSU-LSAMP Scholars Application:
o General/Personal/Educational Information
o One-Page Written Statement
o Faculty Mentor/Advisor Approved Plan of Study
o Budget
o Budget Justification
o Financial Aid/Student Disclosure Form
> Applications will be accepted by the SDSU-LSAMP Office-GMCS322B through May 15, 2008. Up to five will be selected to be nominated by the SDSU LSAMP Program. The CSU-LSAMP Oversight Committee will meet in early June to select the scholars. Applications must include: a typed application (sections I – VII), and the financial aid form with the student’s 2008-2009 financial aid award letter** which clearly shows the student’s unmet need.
> If funded, the 2008-2009 CSU-LSAMP Student Scholars Program will begin September 1, 2008. Funds will need to encumbered by August 31, 2009. This is the same time frame of annual campus budgets.
> ** If the financial aid award letter is not yet available, please make a note on the form which indicates it has not been received by the student at the time of submission. Students will not receive final awards until the letter has been submitted.

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