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Voyage for Cleaner Energy / Robert Swan Lecture Series

Robert Swan and the Voyage for Cleaner Energy will be coming to UCSD / SCRIPPS Institute tomorrow and San Diego Mesa College on Tuesday! Robert is the first person to walk to both the South and North poles. During his journeys he witnessed climate change first hand – his skin peeled off – his eyes changed color – he saw polar ice caps melting. Since then Robert has dedicated his life to preserving Antarctica and inspiring young people to take action to change the future of the planet.

On April 8th Robert launched his Voyage for Cleaner Energy in San Francisco. The first phase of the voyage is happening on the west coast of the United States where Robert has been lecturing at universities and talking to students and professors about climate change and renewable energy. Robert’s 67-foot renewable sailboat has been following him on his journey and acting as a goodwill ambassador that will be accompanying him to the 2012 World Summit.

Robert will be speaking at SCRIPPS Institute tomorrow at 6:00pm in Hubbs Hall 4500. He will also be speaking at San Diego Mesa at 4:00pm in G-101. Robert and our team would love it if you could attend. I have attached an informational document about the Voyage for Cleaner Energy.

For more information please do not hesitate to call me:


The 2041 will be docked at Cabrillo slip H24, 1450 Harbor Island Drive, on Thursday 8 May from 1 to – 2 pm for student tours. Please let know if you would like to tour so they can get a rough head count.


Melissa Ritti

Voyage for Cleaner Energy Coordinator

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